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State forestry agency “Lida Forestry” was established August 1, 1944. In 1944, the Forestry consisted of five forest districts: Bastunskogo, Berdovskogo, Ivie, Leeds and the total area of ​​36 248 Radunsky ha. During its existence, was subjected to several reorganizations in the structure and subordination. At present, the forestry consists of 11 forest districts.

Forestry is located in the five administrative districts. The total area of ​​103.2 hectares of forestry, including forested – 88.9 ha The largest area is occupied by pine forests – 58.1%, birch – 17.3%, spruce – 12.0%, alder – 8.8%, oak – 2.1% and ash – 1.2%. The territory of Forestry are: railways Molodechno Grodno and Baranovichi-Vilnius highway of national importance Minsk-Grodno, Vilnius, Slonim, moreover, there is 1080 km intra-roads.

The territory is characterized by a developed system of forestry rivers and streams, belonging to the basin of the Neman River. The most significant of them are r.Ditva, r.Zhizhma, r.Radunka, r.Kotra, r.Gavya. Also, there are numerous system of canals that ran through swampy tracts.
The forests belong to the forestry sub-zone of spruce-hornbeam (hornbeam-oak-conifer forests) Neman-Predpolesskogo forest growth area.
The climate of the area of ​​forestry relatively warm and humid. The average annual temperature is +6,1 ° C, average annual rainfall is 660 mm. Relatively warm summers, relatively mild winter with frequent thaws.

On the territory of Forestry formed the Republican landscape reserve “Kotra” area of ​​10 482 hectares, republican biological reserve “Dokudovo” area of ​​1946 hectares, formed to preserve the habitats of the cranberry bog, as well as wild plants listed in the Red Book of Belarus. There are 8 natural monuments of national importance and 17 natural monuments at district level.
At Leeds forestry assigned functions of government in the use, protection and enforcement of forestry and forest regeneration in the Ministry of Forestry.

The main purpose of forestry is the preservation and creation of high-forest, high quality, biologically stable, optimal species and age composition of forests and fauna of the universe, meet current environmental, social and economic needs of society and the state with the main requirements of the legislation for forest management.

In accordance with the statute GLHU “Lida forestry” has the following functions:
– Manage the use, reproduction, conservation and protection of forest resources in the location of forestry;
– Implementation of state programs and projects for forestry development in order to increase productivity and improve the quality of the forests, increasing their environmental services, to ensure economy and population in all types of forest products;
– Maintaining public registers of forests and state forest inventory;
– The creation and cultivation of forest plantations, as well as the timely restoration of forests felled areas economically valuable species;
– Protection of forests from fires, illegal cutting and other actions that cause harm to forests, protecting forests from pests and diseases;
– Monitoring the radiation environment in the location of forestry, management of radiation-ecological monitoring, radiation monitoring for produced and delivered in forest products;
– State control over the condition, use, reproduction, conservation and protection of forests;
– An economic and scientific-technical policy in order to create the necessary conditions in the forestry to work effectively, solving urgent social problems;
– Approval in due course withdrawal of land from forest land;
– Construction and repair of buildings, forest cordons, fire towers, reservoirs, and maintain the device in the proper order of forest roads and communication facilities;
– Integrated Management of the established order of forestry and hunting, the state control over the conduct of hunting and hunting in the forest enterprise.

Проект организации и ведения лесного хозяйства ГЛХУ “Лидский лесхоз” 2019-2028гг.