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Lida, per.Furmanova 10



Siniak Vladimir Anatoljevich

8 (0154) 611450

Waiting room

8 (0154) 611430


Alexander Chodkiewicz Aleyzovich

8 (0154) 611427

Year of organization: 1974.

Area of ​​hunting grounds – 11 317 ha;

Forest – 3750 hectares;

Field – 5633 hectares;

Wetland – 1934 ha.

Stopping point for 4rd place in Leeds on forestry, a distance of 1 km from the highway Minsk-Grodno. Stopping point consists of two rooms, a fireplace room. There is a gas stove, refrigerator, TV. On campus built 3 enclosure for the dogs. There is an artificial reservoir Dubchany total area of ​​38 ha with a depth of 20 meters. The river Ditva where there are conditions for fishing. At 10 km from the farm is cranberry preserve republican values ​​”Dokudovskoe”, where the fall is the ability to gather cranberries. Forestry leases, 25 km from Lida pond, where there is also an opportunity for fishing. In 2012, commissioned a hunting complex, located in d.Gorni. For reservations, reservation and payment you can contact the GLHU “Lida forestry”.