Round timber

– Round timber are sawn off from the root, peeled twigs, round in cross section, which receive a transverse division (sawing). This process is called bucking

Ridges – this is business segments around the hole from the underside of the butt, which can serve as raw material for lumber. Ridges are divided further into smaller segments -Churakov or log.

Trunk diameter measured at the thin end, choosing from a whole range of the smallest and largest diameter under bark. In calculating the amount of take an average diameterequal to half the sum of the smaller and larger diameters. Dimensions stem is written as4.5 x 18, the first number indicates the length in meters, the second – the diameter in cm

The smallest diameter of the logs used in construction, 12 cm at the upper end, and thelength of the log – 4-6 pm diameter graduation – every 2 cm, in length – over 50 cm

The logs are considered individually, and the amount calculated in m3.

Price list for round timber

For sales contact in the production department: 8 (0154) 611460

For pricing contact the Economic Section: 8 (0154) 611432